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Sep 07 2020

American Psychological Association Goes Full Moonbat on Race

As Robert Conquest observed, “Any organization not explicitly right-wing sooner or later becomes left-wing.” Then it becomes ever more left-wing, until it has been subverted to the point of absurdity. The American Psychological Association is a case in point.

“First, do no harm” has been discarded. Rather than attempt to cure diseases, the APA deliberately spreads a disease that has been tearing our country apart, reducing neighborhoods to ruin, and terrorizing normal citizens — namely, Black Lives Matter moonbattery:

Police brutality may be what sparked a wave of protests across the United States and beyond, but the “racism pandemic”—a term used by APA President Sandra Shullman, PhD, for the ongoing harm caused by racism—runs far deeper. Today’s inequities, psychologists say, are deeply rooted in our past, and the status quo is no longer acceptable. “Every institution in America is born from the blood of white supremacist ideology and capitalism—and that’s the disease,” says Theopia Jackson, PhD, president of the Association of Black Psychologists (ABPsi).

Note that capitalism is thrown in with “white supremacist ideology” (previously known as “American individualism”). Pushing Marxism under cover of Afrocentric crybullying is classic Black Lives Matter.

APA offers a series of grants and fellowships for psychologists from ethnic- and racial-minority groups and convenes the Council of National Psychology Associations for the Advancement of Ethnic Minority Interests, which promotes career development for psychologists of color and addresses other equity issues.

If APA apparatchiks really want to understand racism in this country, they should ask themselves why an Association of White Psychologists would be unthinkable, and why no one would be permitted to explicitly promote the careers of Caucasians.

Speaking of actual racism:

“It’s important for APA to be an example of how an organization can look at itself internally,” said organizational psychologist Catherine Learmonth, PsyD…

That should involve discussions among members about white privilege and white fragility…

Rather than heal neurosis, the APA nurtures it, by encouraging people to despise themselves for their race if they are white, and to pity themselves as helpless victims if they aren’t.

This isn’t the first time the organization has abetted an illness it should be trying to cure:

The APA has also been vocal in recent months on transgender issues, recommending puberty-blocking hormones for children with gender dysphoria in order to “buy younger children time to explore their gender identities” and prescribing surgery or hormones to masculinize or feminize the bodies of adolescents who have decided they identify as transgender.

What moonbattery infiltrates, it renders not merely useless but noxious.

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