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May 25 2022

Andrew Abdullah Should Have Been in Prison

Here is how NYPD Chief of Detectives James Essig describes the shooting of Goldman Sachs employee Daniel Enriquez, allegedly by Andrew Abdullah Sunday morning aboard the Q train heading into Manhattan:

“The male suddenly and without any prior interactions or provocation walked up to our victim… and shot him one time in the chest.”

There was no discernable motive. Random violence has become one of the most prominent characteristics of New York, as civilization crumbles under the constant onslaught of moonbattery.

Who’s to blame? It can’t be Andrew Abdullah; that would suggest personal responsibility, which is out of fashion.

Liberals will blame the gun used. It would be more sensible to blame the liberals running a system that returns sociopaths to the street again and again until someone dies.

Abdullah, who has at least 19 arrests in more than a dozen incidents since 2015, fled the Canal Street station after the shooting and had been the subject of a police manhunt.

He had been freed after a stolen car bust in April, despite Brooklyn prosecutors asking that he be held on $15,000 bail.

In no sane country would Abdullah have been running around loose, gunning down random passengers on the NYC subway.

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