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Jun 23 2022

Andrew Gillum Charged With 21 Felonies

Florida has become a beacon of hope and a refuge for freedom-loving Americans since Ron DeSantis took office. Things might have turned out differently. In the 2018 election for governor, DeSantis beat leftist Democrat Andrew Gillum by fewer than 34,000 votes, a margin of victory of about 0.4%. Soon afterward, Gillum turned up naked, unreachably inebriated, and vomiting in a luxury hotel with a homosexual prostitute who was unconscious from overdosing on crystal meth. Now we read this:

Andrew Gillum was charged in federal court on Wednesday with 21 felonies related to his failed 2018 Florida gubernatorial campaign…

Gillum claimed in a statement that he was innocent and that the charges were political, even though he is being charged by the Department of Justice, which is overseen by the Biden administration.

For a Democrat’s corruption to get the attention of Merrick Garland’s Injustice Department, it has to stink bad enough to make the Devil wrinkle his nose down in hell.

“The Indictment alleges that between 2016 and 2019, defendants Gillum and [Sharon Janet] Lettman-Hicks conspired to commit wire fraud, by unlawfully soliciting and obtaining funds from various entities and individuals through false and fraudulent promises and representations that the funds would be used for a legitimate purpose,” the statement says. “The Indictment further alleges the defendants used third parties to divert a portion of those funds to a company owned by Lettman-Hicks, who then fraudulently provided the funds, disguised as payroll payments, to Gillum for his personal use.”

If found guilty, Gillum will be behind bars for decades to come. At least he won’t have to spend big on gay prostitutes.

Instead of a sanctuary for patriots, Florida would now be a another liberal dystopia if Gillum had been governor for the past few years instead of DeSantis.

Only a few votes separate sanity from insanity, freedom from tyranny, flourishing from ruin. However, Republicans need to win by more than a few votes, because people cut of Gillum’s cloth tend to cheat.

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