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Jun 05 2023

Antiwhite Discrimination Applied to Access to Water

Racial quotas have long discriminated against the whites who built South Africa regarding jobs. Now these will be applied to access to water:

Hot on the heels of newly-gazetted draft Race Quotas designed to ban entire groups of South Africans from employment in certain sectors and provinces, the ANC government has now also gazetted race quotas that will determine access to water on the basis of skin colour. …

The draft regulations, published by Minister of Water Senzo Mchunu on 19 May, introduce race quotas for the allocation of water use licences, which are vital to the survival of businesses in sectors such as agriculture, forestry and mining.

Under the ANC’s new water race quotas, applicants that use more than 250 000 m3 or withdraw more than a set minimum amount from streams need to meet strict racial quotas in order to get access to water – the single most critical resource required for life, livestock, agriculture and industry. Depending on the size of their water need, farmers or companies that have not “allocated” between 25% and 75% of its shares to what the regulations call “blacks,” will be denied access to water.

Once again, South Africa’s farmers take it in the teeth:

The consequences will be particularly devastating for the farmers who feed us all. 60% of South Africa’s water resources are currently used by agriculture to grow the food we all eat.

We know how this will turn out because similar race-based policies were applied to farms in Rhodesia, the erstwhile Breadbasket of Africa that is now the starving basket case Zimbabwe.

Under these water race quotas, livestock will be left to die from thirst because a farmer has the “wrong” skin colour. Fields will go fallow because those who till it are “undesirable.”

Blacks will starve too, but it is worth it to them to poke white farmers in the eye.

Speaking of farming in the Rainbow Utopia,

Former South African rugby star Lukas van Biljon is said to be ‘broken and devastated’ after his father died from gunshot wounds in a horrific farm attack in South Africa.

Tragic Andre van Biljon, 70, was blasted three times in the chest at midnight on Saturday and his son, ex-Springbok hooker Lukas, 47, was stabbed repeatedly with a knife.

Although authorities are effectively on the side of the criminals, two of the attackers were actually captured — because local farmers set up a roadblock and caught them.

Farmers in South Africa are under daily threat with 333 brutal attacks throughout the country last year which resulted in 55 horrific murders of men, women and children.

The attacks are usually highlighted by the cruelty inflicted with women often raped and both men and women first tortured with hot irons, power tools and boiling water.

Most victims are then mercilessly shot dead with stabbing and strangulation the second and third causes of death.

South Africa provides context for the plan openly advocated by leftists like Joe Biden to make whites a minority in the USA.

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