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May 16 2024

Antony Blinken Brings the Cringe

Of all the repugnant moonbats comprising the Biden Regime, no one brings the cringe like our squishy-soft, damp-eyed, pro-Hamas Secretary of State. Even on a good day, Antony Blinken will make your skin crawl. Now watch him rock out:

If only we could get him to quit his day job.

This embarrassment occurred in Kiev, where massive amounts of our money is being flagrantly wasted on a corrupt regime that is allied not with the USA but with the Biden Administration:

Blinken is praying to whatever “god” will listen to him at this point, hoping the American people don’t discover that Ukrainian officials in Kharkiv have been using US tax dollars to get rich quick by investing in fake companies.

Meanwhile, Russia has reinvaded northern Ukraine.

On tips from Wiggins, Chris Neilson, and ABC of the ANC.


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