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Mar 08 2023

Applied Racial Justice

The insane “racial justice” imposed by the comfy white liberal elitists who place black mobs above the law and marginalize police does not affect comfy white liberal elitists. It affects hard-working Americans trying to provide a service to make a buck rather than living off welfare:

The New York Post reports:

Shocking video footage captures the moment a mob of youths trashed a Chinese restaurant in Queens over the weekend, overturning tables and breaking chairs as terrified staff and customers looked on helplessly.

The heinous hooligans left Fish Village in College Point in shambles Saturday, according to a video posted on Twitter by community activist Yiatin Chu.

“We’ve fallen so low that there’s no expectation of consequences for this horrific attack on private property,” Chu, president of Asian Wave Alliance and a co-founder of PLACE NYC, wrote in the post.

Sure enough, as of this morning there have been no arrests.

Even in the unlikely event that the savages are apprehended, there will be no consequences. As Curtis Sliwa notes,

“Nothing is going to happen to [the criminals]. They will be charged as juveniles and be back out on the street. Their friends will see the video, and they will be treated as heroes in the ‘hood.”

Damages are estimated at “up to $20k.”

You would think people would get fed up with this. But they keep voting for Democrats, because the media tells them to. However, Asian Americans are wisely deserting Democrats and shifting to the right.

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