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Jul 27 2023

Arizona Criminals Exploit California Recycling Moonbattery

Enterprising Arizona criminals have found a use for the righteous green posturing that prevails on the Left Coast. Ecomoonbattery can be converted to cash:

Over the span of eight months, the United States Department of Justice investigated several recycling centers around [Riverside County, California] and found that the operators illegally redeemed $7.6 million worth of aluminum cans and plastic bottles that were brought over illegally from the neighboring state.

The criminal recyclers were exploiting the California Redemption Value (CRV) program.

The program allows Californians to return beverage containers to privately-owned recycling centers in exchange for $.05 to $.10 per container.

It’s funded by Californians every time they purchase an eligible item: the CRV tax is tacked onto the initial cost, but can be redeemed upon return. By redeeming ineligible items from outside of the state, scammers effectively steal money from the pockets of Californians.

The theft started with California bureaucrats stealing from those who are forced to pay extra for the eligible items. The out-of-state criminals just wanted a piece of the action. Both are doing their part to placate the planet by reprocessing garbage that would otherwise end up where it belongs: buried in a landfill.

This isn’t the first time:

Earlier this year, two Arizona business owners were arrested for their alleged roles in a $10 million recycling fraud scheme, in which they allegedly trucked over hundreds of tons of recyclables from Arizona to California to take advantage of the CRV program.

A similar scheme involving another group of Arizonans was busted in 2018 after defrauding California to the tune of $16.1 million.

Don’t worry, Californians. You will get your revenge by reducing Phoenix to a second Los Angeles as it fills up with refugees from your moonbattery-ruined state.

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