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Sep 09 2023

August to Be Transgender History Month

One month out of 12 is not enough for our degenerate rulers to devote to grinding depravity and psychosexual insanity into our faces. So California is adding another:

The California State Assembly has voted to officially recognize August as “Transgender History Month,” beginning in 2024. The resolution, which passed on Wednesday, makes California the first state in the United States to have a month that officially recognizes the history and contributions of transgender people.

Those still queasy from being force-fed LGBTism for the entire month of June may recall that the T stands for trans. But it takes more than one month to recognize all the positive contributions to society made by transvestites — or rather, it would take more than a month to come up with any.

The bill’s author is Assemblymember Matt Haney, Democrat of San Francisco.

[I]n 2021, San Francisco became the first city in the U.S. to declare August as Transgender History Month, which was repeated by Santa Clara County shortly after.

This demonstrates how sickness spawned in the cesspool San Francisco metastasizes. That’s how Nancy Pelosi came to be one of the most powerful members of the federal government for the past 20 years. Expect Transsexual Reverence Month to join Pride Month nationwide shortly.

We are still a few years away from MAP Month, but it’s coming.

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