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Aug 14 2021

Australian Covid Dissident Locked in Lunatic Asylum

It is getting harder to tell the soft tyrannies from the hard ones. They used to lock up dissidents in lunatic asylums in the Soviet Union. Now, they do it in the biosecurity police state Australia.

As behind the Iron Curtain, informers rat out thought criminals. In one guy’s case, it was his wife, who doesn’t approve of his opinion regarding Covid hysteria:

Russians had the excuse that totalitarianism was imposed on them by the Bolshevik minority at gunpoint after a bloody civil war. Australians have their heritage as a former prison colony.

When they gave up their guns, they made something like this inevitable. Let’s not make the same mistake. Nothing has been inflicted on Australia that Democrats would not love to impose on the USA.

On a tip from KirklesWorth.


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