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Sep 03 2021

Bail Reform Enables Flashing Children in New York

Allowing moonbats to control the government has consequences, and the consequences have consequences. Letting Democrats achieve total dominance in New York resulted in bail reform, which in turn resulted in Harry Zucker repeatedly exposing himself to children at a Brooklyn school.

The New York Post reports:

Zucker, a scraggly, white-haired 77-year-old with an apparent penchant for fondling himself in public in front of children, has exposed himself five times since April 27, according to court records.

But the creep keeps getting sprung because judges are largely barred from imposing bail on the misdemeanor charges, the filings show.

He lives across a narrow alley from the playground of PS 199. The school hung up netting to block children’s view of his exposed privates, but this isn’t working. He has been seen masturbating inside the schoolyard.

Like all scoundrels and sickos these days, he portrays himself as a victim:

Zucker had suggested he had a past history of sexual abuse and claimed he couldn’t “control” himself, court records show.

“I’m sorry I was sodomized by the black man,” Zucker claimed to the judge during the hearing, records show. “It affected my brain and my body. I can’t control what the black man did to me, I cannot control my brain, I cannot control the sexuality of my body, I am very sorry.”

A mother who does not dare send her 4-year-old to PS 199, and who hasn’t gotten the memo that “Love Is Love,” fails to empathize with Zucker’s plight.

“He hasn’t touched a child, right? He’s only touched himself. Are we waiting for that? … Because if that’s what we’re waiting for, we’re sicker than he is, as a society.”

We are sick as a society, all right — or at least, the deep blue states are. From there the rot will continue to spread.

On a tip from Wiggins.


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