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Nov 18 2020

Barack Obama Calls for Censorship, Denounces America

Barack Obama continues to overtake Jimmy Carter as the USA’s worst ex-president.

One of America’s most fundamental strengths is its reverence for free speech. Obama aggressively opposes it. Kyle Smith quotes him:

“I think at some point it’s going to require a combination of regulation and standards within industries to get us back to the point where we at least recognize a common set of facts before we start arguing about what we should do about those facts.”

Big Tech/Big Media have worked aggressively to establish an official “set of facts” that accords with the viewpoint and interests of the Democratic Party, arrogantly censoring even the President of the United States, smothering explosive news stories like the Hunter Biden laptop revelations, and retracting published information on Joe Biden’s sexual misconduct.

However, this does not satisfy Obama, who wants an official reality imposed via government force. Utopia has not been achieved until authoritarianism is imposed not on an ad hoc basis by Silicon Valley, but uniformly by the federal government.

Obama’s opposition to fundamental American principles is consistent with his rejection of America itself, which he still hopes to fundamentally transform into a different country. From the Washington Times:

“I’m not yet ready to abandon the possibility of America,” Mr. Obama says in “A Promised Land,” which hit shelves on Tuesday. He adds that he wrote the book “for young people — as an invitation to bring about, through hard work, determination, and a big dose of imagination, an America that finally aligns with all that is best in us.”

Despite Obama’s conspicuously vast sense of self-importance, those who revere America and its founding principles are unimpressed:

The passage drew outrage from critics, including South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem.

“What a ridiculous message,” she wrote last week on Twitter. “Obama had 8 years, including 2 with full control of Congress. He sent our jobs to China, left our healthcare system in disarray, our foreign policy in shambles & our people divided. Instead of blaming Trump, Obama should consider what led to 2016.”

However, Obama will continue to rake in fortunes selling his product, namely, elitist contempt for the country that elected him.

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