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Apr 13 2024

BBC Lets Readers Believe Scarlet Blake Is a Woman

Imagine how clueless people must be who rely on leftist propaganda outlets like the government-affiliated BBC for information. For example, they might believe that Scarlet Blake — a Netflix-inspired cat torturer who graduated to murder — is not a transsexual but a woman:

The broadcaster received complaints about how Scarlet Blake’s trans identity was not mentioned in an online article on Feb 23 and the BBC News at One three days later, on the day [he] was sentenced.

This was found to breach the Beeb’s own accuracy rules. But accuracy takes a back seat to promoting the preposterous lie that “trans women” (i.e., men who proclaim themselves to be women) literally are women, although some BBC reports did admit to Blake’s transsexual status.

From deliberately using erroneous pronouns to keeping readers in the dark by never mentioning the actual gender of criminals is a short step. This assertion from the BBC’s Executive Complaints Unit is astonishing in its contempt for both factual reality and logic:

“[A] simple refusal to use the terms in which people who regard themselves as transgender describe themselves would in effect be an endorsement of one viewpoint in this controversy.”

That is, the BBC kowtows to LGBT ideologues by deliberately using false and misleading pronouns because to describe subjects accurately would endorse the viewpoint that objective reality should take precedence over the delusions/pretensions of sick freaks like Blake.

For BBC viewers, deception and inaccuracy are not bugs but features. They want to be protected from anything that would challenge their viewpoint. The Beeb can be relied on to subordinate factual reality to the Narrative.

Those who are not devoted moonbats are advised never to take anything reported by the BBC at face value. The same goes for the entire alphabet soup of liberal establishment propaganda platforms (PBS, NPR, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, etc.).

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