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Aug 02 2023

Being Drunk Excuses Crashing Semi

Personal responsibility has been canceled in favor of moonbattery. To the list of symptoms this diseased condition has produced, add drunken truck drivers:

A Quebec trucking company has been ordered to reinstate a driver who was fired after she drank at least nine beers before she lost control of her truck on a Pennsylvania highway.

Freedom has also been canceled. That’s why it is up to Big Government to determine who works for a trucking company, rather than the company.

The driver’s actions amounted to serious misconduct, but her drinking was the result of a disability — alcoholism — and trucking company Groupe Robert should have made a reasonable accommodation for her, labour arbitrator Huguette April said in her written July 18 decision.

The liberal media has used the same reasoning to excuse the many crimes committed by Joe Biden’s bagman Hunter, who is said not to be responsible for his behavior because he suffers from the disability of smoking too much crack.

“The night of the accident, she needed to drink,” April said. “She admitted that even though she knew she shouldn’t, the need was stronger, like something that she couldn’t control.”

Her blood alcohol was more than twice the legal limit when she crashed, reflecting the heavy burden of disability fate has saddled her with.

Now that we no longer have agency, behavior that used to be frowned upon confers treasured “oppressed” status. For example, ostentatious homosexuals can expect to be first hired and last fired as a reward for disease-spreading behavior that until recently was universally reviled, because indulging in it is “who they are.”

Likewise, if you are going to crash a truck, make sure you get drunk first. You won’t be held accountable if you can tell the boss that alcoholism did it.

Groupe Robert, meanwhile, told April that the collective agreement between the company and the union representing drivers is clear: The penalty for drinking and driving is immediate termination of employment.

But not if a moonbat judge overrules the agreement. Ostensibly binding agreements are meaningless where Big Government holds absolute power.

The union naturally sides with the judge:

Marc-Andre Gauthier, a spokesman for Teamsters Canada, the union that represents the driver and that challenged her dismissal, said it has an obligation to defend its members in work-related matters, regardless of the circumstances.

The Teamsters just destroyed Yellow Corp:

When struggling Yellow Corp. sought financial concessions from its union employees this year, Teamsters President Sean O’Brien refused and tweeted the image of a gravestone in a cemetery with “Yellow” on it. Congratulations, Mr. O’Brien. The trucking firm said Sunday it is preparing to file for bankruptcy, and some 22,000 Teamsters could lose their jobs.

The 99-year-old Yellow was the country’s third largest less-than-truckload carrier, combining shipments from multiple customers on a single trailer. Trucking competition heated up after Congress deregulated the industry in 1980. Yet Yellow’s labor agreements with the Teamsters have made it less competitive with non-union rivals.

Unions may help wipe out the entire profession, if truck drivers are made extinct in favor of self-driving vehicles in part to avoid drunken drivers.

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