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Apr 08 2024

Belgian Dissident Sentenced to Prison

It used to be only in the eastern part of Europe that dissidents were thrown in prison. Times have changed. Ask Dries Van Langenhove:

Langenhove is a former member of the Belgian parliament, founder of the Flemish Identitarian movement “Schild & Vrienden,” and an influential political dissident in Belgium.

He explains his crime…

An undercover journalist discovered allegedly politically incorrect memes in a private group chat. They were then broadcast on public television in Belgium. A huge police investigation followed which took many years, they raided my house three times. They stole my computer, my smartphone, every electronic device, every piece of paper they took away. And after four or five years of investigation, the only thing that they allegedly found was memes and a picture of a flask of pepper spray.

…and his punishment:

The punishment is one year in jail, an effective jail sentence. It’s a 16,000 euro fine and 10,000 euros in damages, then about an extra 10,000 euros in court fees. And then I also lose my political rights for 10 years, which is the harshest sentence that they could legally give me. And it means that I cannot participate in politics for 10 years, which shows ever more clearly that this is a political case.

His sentence is under appeal, which is why he can still give interviews for now.

Maybe liberty is not dead in the West. Maybe their ham-fisted tyranny will blow up in leftists’ faces:

I think there is a realistic opportunity, a realistic chance of “Vlaams Belang,” a real nationalist party, getting into power. They are right now getting a third of the votes, which is huge. And we also have a moderate nationalist party that gets about 15 to 20 percent of the votes. So together they could form a nationalist government which could light the fire of nationalism all throughout Europe, I hope, because that would turn the center of Europe, Brussels and Flanders, into a nationalist stronghold that really is our dream, our goal, and something I strive towards with all the projects that I am leading with my media channel, my videos. It sounds cliche, but the coming elections may be the most important elections in the history of our country.

As in the USA, at this point it is still largely up to voters. But it won’t be for long if voters do not choose wisely.

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