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Dec 10 2023

Better Democrat Alternatives to Joe Biden

It is hard to believe Democrats will run the creepy, corrupt, incompetent, conspicuously senile, and increasingly unpopular Joe Biden next year when there are so many better candidates waiting in the wings. Gavin Newsom is too repulsively slick, and the ruin he has been making of California too evident. Michelle Obama is too obvious in her hatred of America. But there are more appealing options — like Vermin Supreme and Paperboy Love Prince, who participated in Saint Anselm College’s Lesser-Known Candidate Forum in Manchester, New Hampshire on Thursday.

A few words from Vermin Supreme, who is best known for wearing a boot on his head:

“Vermin Supreme will take away your guns … and give you better ones. And these better guns will shoot marshmallows, but they will still be lethal,” he said to laughter in the room.

V.S. needs to clarify that the lethal marshmallows can only be used to shoot babies and pro-lifers, because he is running as a Democrat:

Paperboy Love Prince embodies the something-for-nothing promise that inspires voters to turn out for Democrats. His “outfit evoked a wish-granting genie.” Watch him call for spending $800 billion on “spreading love to folks”:

Sounds like a bargain compared to what Biden and before him Obama have spent spreading love to their donors via green energy boondoggles.

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