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Dec 10 2022

Biden Blocked on Forcing Doctors to Commit Atrocities

A drawback to attempting rational argumentation with progressives is that often they are not so much wrong as evil. How else would you describe those who want to force Christians to perform abortions and to surgically mutilate children for the sake of sexual depravity? Thankfully they have encountered resistance:

A federal court has dealt a significant blow to the Biden administration’s leftist medical agenda, sparing Christian doctors and religious hospitals from being forced to perform sex change mutilations and abortions in violation of their conscience and better judgment.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit agreed with a district court’s opinion that the Obamacare mandate requiring facilitation of sex changes posed “irreparable harm” to the plaintiffs’ “exercise of religion.”

The court ultimately found the transsexual mandate unlawful and granted a coalition of Catholic healthcare professionals a permanent injunction. They will no longer face multimillion-dollar penalties for keeping their consciences clear.

Democrats can excuse any extreme of tyranny with the magic word “discrimination”:

Section 1557 [of ObamaCare] prevents federally-funded healthcare programs from discriminating against patients on the basis of sex.

The reason most everything is at least partially federally funded is so that it can be federally controlled by Democrats.

The National Review reported that in recent years, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) has broadened the statute’s definition of sex discrimination to include discrimination on the basis of “termination of pregnancy” and “gender identity.”

Ergo, not to kill inconvenient babies or surgically remove children’s healthy genitals is discrimination. Pick up that scalpel, bigot!

The ruling is welcome, but basing it on religious liberty is a problem. You do not need to belong to a church to understand fundamental differences between right and wrong. What if a doctor wants to refrain from committing crimes against humanity not because he is a Christian, but simply because he is a decent human being? He has no defense from fiends who would force him to commit atrocities.

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