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Jul 07 2022

Biden DoJ Pushes to Let Illegal Aliens Vote

Democrats are dropping the pretense of being anything other than thugs intent on destroying our country in order to achieve absolute power:

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is suing the state of Arizona, seeking to block a law that would force residents to provide proof of citizenship in order to vote in federal elections.

Instead of expelling illegal aliens in accordance with the law, instead of making any sincere effort to keep them out of the country, instead of refraining from treasonously encouraging them to invade, the federal government is using them to cancel the votes of American citizens.

The point of allowing illegal aliens to vote in our elections is that they will vote against the interests of Americans by electing Democrats, who will confiscate our money and give it to them in the form of welfare and social services, while leaving the border open, drawing in ever more of them to displace us.


Biden issued an executive order on March 7, 2021, directing all 600 federal agencies to submit a plan to the White House to increase voter registration and turnout. Many agencies subsequently developed a plan to turn federal facilities, particularly those that deliver federal benefits, into voter registration agencies.

For example, Housing and Urban Development is trying to turn assisted housing centers into get-out-the-vote hubs. Health and Human Services is doing the same with its public health centers. Even as labor problems are out of control, the Department of Labor is turning its American Job Centers into voter registration agencies.

The agencies are allowed to work with voting groups approved by left-wing partisans in the White Houseā€¦

It isn’t enough to import illegal aliens and enable them to vote. Democrats need to spend taxpayer dollars driving them to the polls.

The Biden Regime is not just political opposition. It is America’s enemy.

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