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Dec 12 2022

Biden Has Given Almost $4 Billion to Taliban in 2022

As you start your work week, here’s a little reminder as to how your slavemasters spend the wealth that you create on their behalf.

Last year, Joe Biden unconditionally surrendered to the Taliban, which had hosted the 9/11 terrorist atrocities. The abrupt, incompetent retreat cost us $billions in military equipment and an unknown number of American lives.

We are not done paying.

The site was created to fulfill the requirements of the Foreign Aid Transparency and Accountability Act of 2016. It reveals that as of December 9, the US government had given $3,802,198,798 to Taliban-ruled Afghanistan so far in 2022 — more than twice what it gave to the country last year, despite it being controlled by our allies until August 15.

Just as our tax dollars probably helped finance the creation of Covid thanks to Tony Fauci, they will help fund the next major terror attack launched from Afghanistan. With people like Sam Brinton in charge of nuclear waste disposal, it is likely to involve a dirty bomb that will make September 11 look like a traffic accident.

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