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Mar 30 2024

Biden Regime Declares War on Trucking

Via the regulatory Deep State, Biden is progressively banning the automobile, which has long been a symbol of American freedom and industry. As part of his overall war on transportation, he is doing the same to the trucks that transport food and other goods:

The Biden administration finalized long-awaited regulations targeting emissions generated from heavy-duty vehicles, including trucks and buses, the latest salvo in President Biden’s sweeping climate agenda.

Climate agenda. As if these power-mad insects controlled the planet itself.

The Environmental Protection Agency announced the new regulations Friday morning, and officials said they represent the strongest-ever greenhouse gas emissions standards of their kind.

Regulations that might engender resistance are announced on Fridays, to make it easier for the complicit media to bury them. They are then inflicted progressively, so the frog doesn’t jump out of the pot:

The rules will kick in beginning in 2026 for model year 2027 vehicles and progressively become more stringent through model year 2032, forcing a larger number of trucks and buses to be zero-emissions in that time frame.

The measurable effect on the supposedly problematic weather will be absolutely nil, as even Biden probably knows. But there will be plenty effect on the price of most everything we buy. Visit Biden-Mart to see the effect his policies have already had at the grocery store.

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