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Jun 16 2022

Biden Regime Persecutes Innocent Border Agents

If one story sums up the insanity, injustice, and straightforward treason that characterize our Democrat rulers, this is it. Even now, the Biden Regime continues to persecute Border Patrol agents for attempting to defend the USA from invasion — despite the agents already having been cleared of wrongdoing.

Via Summit News:

Biden’s Department of Homeland Security is still going to punish Border Patrol Agents in connection with the infamous fake ‘whipping’ Haitian migrants incident that was hyped up by Democrats and the media, even though the agents were found to have done nothing wrong.

As we highlighted two months ago, the agents involved were completely cleared of all charges, a development that was practically ignored by every news network apart from Fox.

What left-wing propagandists passed off as whips were actually reins. Journalists may be interested to learn that these are devices used to control horses.

After the agents were cleared, Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked then White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki when Joe Biden intends to apologise for saying he would make the agents “pay” for what they did.

Doocy finally has an answer to his question.

At the time, border agents involved in the incident were suspended, while their colleagues were forced to undergo woke re-education training

The shaved gerbil atop the DHS enhanced morale by denouncing the agents as perpetuators of “systemic racism.”

Rather than the apologies, commendations, and promotions they deserve, the agents will now be punished for unspecified “administrative violations.”

Meanwhile, the border remains open, with more needy, unskilled foreigners pouring in from every corner of the Third World than could possibly be assimilated or that our crippled economy could possibly withstand.

The persecution of the Border Patrol agents confirms that this is not incompetence. It is deliberate treason.

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