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Jul 02 2023

Biden Regime Plots to Blot Out Sun

The difference between a Bond villain and the cabal comprising Biden’s handlers is that Ernst Stavro Blofeld did not think truly big. He did not have a seemingly infinite supply of other people’s money, accessible by inflating the currency. That’s what allows Barack Obama, George Soros, and whoever else is calling the shots while Joe Biden drools on himself to aim for the stars — our own star:

The White House has opened the door to an audacious plan to block sunlight from hitting the surface of the Earth in a bid to halt global warming.

In contrast to the global warming hoax, the damage inflicted in its name by ideologically deranged maniacs is potentially quite real.

Despite some scientists warning the effort could have untold side effects from altering the chemical makeup of the atmosphere, President Joe Biden’s administration have admitted they’re open to the idea…

You weren’t counting on these people to act responsibly, were you?

In a report released Friday by the White House, officials suggested limiting sunlight to rapidly cool the planet, a process known as solar radiation modification (SRM). …

The report noted several ways authorities could look to achieve SRM, all of which come with potentially devastating consequences if they backfire.

One method would be to significantly increase the amount of aerosols in the stratosphere, which would reflect the sun’s rays from the planet.

Nothing could be more emblematic of liberal rule than blotting out the sun’s life-giving rays and plunging humanity into darkness in the name of a lie.

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