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Jul 18 2021

Biden Regime Tightens Regulations on Taking a Shower

Democrats’ petty tyrant regulations follow you everywhere — even into the shower:

Biden is ditching showerhead rules put in place by former President Donald Trump that allowed more water to flow out of a shower per minute. …

Biden is also attempting to eliminate the definition of “body spray” Trump adopted, which was described as a “shower device for spraying onto a bather other than from the overhead position.” Trump argued a “body spray” should not fall under the umbrella of a showerhead, hence, it should not be subject to the 2.5 gallon limit.

The Tenth Amendment specifies that the powers not explicitly delegated to the federal government are reserved to the states or to the people. But I can’t find the part in the Constitution where it delegates to Biden’s handlers the power to dictate whether we can have a some water pressure with our showers.

Most infuriating is how they pretend their dictates are for our own good. The Department of Energy says we will save money if we use less water. If people wanted to save money by using less water, the free market would eagerly supply shower nozzles with reduced water flow.

The main point is the same as with literally everything Democrats do: to increase power over us so that even the most trivial aspects of existence conform to their coercive will.

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