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Aug 06 2021

Biden Still Can’t Keep Away From Little Girls

Meanwhile, as Andrew Cuomo’s leftist rivals strive to string him up with the #MeToo noose, Joe Biden obliviously continues his long-established custom of publicly nuzzling and molesting underage girls. At yet another theatrical event devoted to exploiting the January 6 debacle, Biden signed a bill awarding the Congressional Gold Medal to Capitol Police officers who effectively held the door open for the hooligans who burst into the People’s House without wiping their feet, thereby providing Democrats with a gala propaganda festival that is now in Month 8 with no sign of letting up. Characteristically, Creepy Joe conspicuously failed to socially distance when he got within range of a little girl:

Apt commentary from USSA News:

It was weird watching Nancy Pelosi pet the young Black girl like some exotic animal, but Creepy Joe spotting that girl and bringing her up is so Pedo.

Thankfully he didn’t completely lose control and grope her aggressively enough to leave psychological scars as with Maria Piacesi:

Via Trending Politics:

Six years later, Maria Piacesi is finally speaking out. Citizen journalist Jonathan Pasetti recently shared screenshots of a conversation he had with Maria Piacesi on social media app Tik Tok where she admits that President Joe Biden pinched her nipple. The teenager has since deleted her comments however the screenshots still exist.

You can’t blame her for deleting the comments. Every 14-year-old on social media knows how cancelation by the liberal lynch mob works. However, the cat is now out of the bag — not that the establishment media is likely to pick up on the story.

Pinching a young child in their breast area is considered molestation. Joe Biden is a molester.

It’s okay to molest 8-year-olds, so long as you serve as a useful figurehead for the radical leftists who have been consolidating control. As liberals often remind us, only bad people judge others for who and how they love.

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