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Feb 06 2022

Biden’s Transgender Offender Manual

Those criminals who manage to get sentenced to prison despite liberal rule are wasting an opportunity if they don’t proclaim themselves to be members of the opposite sex. Here’s a system that begs to be gamed:

The Biden administration has issued a Transgender Offender Manual directing federal prisons to give special accommodations and taxpayer-funded services to certain convicts serving sentences in jails throughout the nation.

Biden’s Department of Injustice wants to make sure that the Bureau of Prisons is extra obsequious to the estimated 1,300 out of 155,554 prisoners it holds who identify as transgender.

This number is sure to rise as benefits accrue. For example, transgender inmates are entitled to shower separately from the hoi polloi.

The Biden Regime…

…wants to make sure transgender inmates can access programs and services that meet their needs and that sufficient resources are allocated to deliver those special services.

Such services, financed by taxpayers, sometimes call to mind the Island of Doctor Moreau. They include hormone therapy and sex change surgery.

Other guys don’t want to transform themselves into grotesque parodies of women. Maybe they just get off wearing women’s underwear. This too is to be provided at taxpayer expense, per the Transgender Offender Manual.

Under the new guidelines BOP staff interacting with transgender inmates must use the authorized gender-neutral communication with inmates or the pronouns associated with the inmates identified gender.

Forcing guards not to refer to them with appropriate pronouns helps to reinforce who is actually in charge.

Housing and program assignments must seriously consider a transgender or intersex inmate’s own views…

Serious consideration of criminals’ depraved views led to convicted little girl molester James “Hannah” Tubbs serving his wrist slap sentence in a female juvenile facility.

Liberal hegemony makes this a great time to be a criminal or a sexual deviant, and a better time to be both.

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