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Jul 21 2022

Bill Gates Continues to Fund ChiCom Scientists

After Tony Fauci, Francis Collins, et al. funded the communist Chinese gain of function research that produced Covid — resulting in millions of deaths and $trillions in economic damage — you might think our globalist liberal ruling class would learn a lesson. Maybe they did — but not the right kind of lesson. Bill Gates continues to shovel money at ChiCom scientists:

A recent, $100,000 grant from the Microsoft mogul’s foundation was sent to the Foreign Talent Research Center of China’s Ministry of Science and Technology in June, according to the organization’s website.

The Foreign Talent Research Center is involved in recruiting talent worldwide to help the ChiComs in their projects.

Beyond COVID-19, the Chinese Communist Party has also come under fire for weaponizing its science and technology programs to lure Western scientists away from their home countries in order to facilitate Chinese advancement and military build-up. This program – commonly known as the Thousand Talents Plan – has led to several Department of Justice (DOJ) indictments of American researchers who routinely fail to disclose their financial ties to the Chinese Communist Party despite receiving U.S. taxpayer funds.

How nice for them that they receive funds not only from American taxpayers, but also directly from American moonbats like Bill Gates, who has poured $millions into Chinese institutions, some with ties to the infamous Wuhan Institute of Virology.

There are even worse things Gates could do with his money:

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