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Dec 28 2020

Bill Gates Funds Blotting Out Sun’s Rays

Leftist zillionaire Bill Gates must be auditioning to replace Dr Evil in the next Austin Powers movie. Now he wants to dim the sun:

According to Reuters, a Harvard University project plans to test out a controversial theory that global warming can be stopped by spraying particles into the atmosphere that would reflect the sun’s rays.

Those rays, along with CO2, are why plants grow. Whether global warming is even a problem is largely a political issue.

Harvard is working with the Swedish Space Corporation to advance this alarming geoengineering scheme.

The Harvard team, whose project is known as SCoPEx, is funded in large part by Gates, according to an August report in the U.K. Daily Mail.

Let’s try to adjust the Earth’s thermostat by blocking out the Sun’s life-giving rays. What could go wrong?

Gates’s megalomaniacal creepiness has contributed to public skepticism of vaccines. With luck, it will have a similar effect regarding belief in the global warming hoax.

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