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Sep 21 2023

Blacks Run Over 2-Year-Old, Blame Whites

Hate hoaxes are applied not only to drive an otherwise unsupportable narrative, but also to evade personal responsibility. From Texas:

Shelby Martinez, 30, was arrested on Saturday at her apartment complex where her son was injured and has been charged with making false statements to police, according to KFDX Wichita Falls.

Authorities say Martinez and the boy’s father, Thomas Gates, tried to cover up how their child received life-threatening injuries.

Their two-year-old son was allegedly run over by Gates when he was backing out with his vehicle, but the couple blamed it on an “unknown white couple,” according to police. Martinez and Gates are both black.

Blaming their own behavior and its consequences on Caucasians is not working out as well for Martinez and Gates as it does on the macro level. But at least the implied racial animus earns them a spot on the Hate Hoax List.

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