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Feb 18 2024

Blasphemy at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral

The Long March Through the Institutions is laying siege to the Catholic Church. As usual, leftists have been assisted from within — as when iconic Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC was subverted Thursday with a service worshiping a transsexual prostitute:

The word “whore” was written on the altar and the words “Ave Maria” were changed to include the name of the activist, with the singer saying, “Ave Cecilia.” Prayers for sex changes were made during the proceedings.

Cecilia Gentili, who died at age 52 at home in Brooklyn on Feb. 6, was an Argentinian transgender activist who was also a self-proclaimed atheist. … Genitli was an illegal immigrant in the US for 10 years as a sex worker before gaining asylum in 2012.

Gentili was the kind of guy our liberal rulers really like:

The deceased activist was also awarded $540,000 from the Biden administration for “trans outreach” for HIV while living.

Watch as an apostate panders for applause from militant perverts by observing that LGBTism draws a bigger crowd than Christianity:

The liberal media is delighted:

The New York Times reported that the event doubled as “an exuberant piece of political theater.”

By this, they mean blasphemy:

CatholicVote posted several videos from the funeral on X (formerly known as Twitter), highlighting that the funeral was a “mockery of the Christian faith” and of St. Cecilia, who is honored in the Roman Catholic Church as a virgin and martyr.

Given that homosexual behavior is proscribed in the strongest terms throughout the Bible, the event would not have been much more blasphemous if it had featured a drag queen defecating on the altar. No doubt that would draw a big crowd too.

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