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Dec 30 2022

Blowout Spending Bill Flown to St Croix for Biden to Sign

Our rulers demand we believe that our standard of living and level of freedom must be radically reduced because according to their dogma, CO2 emissions make it be too warm outside. Meanwhile, as inflation caused by profligate government spending has us paying $5 for a dozen eggs, we read that a pork-bloated $1.7 billion spending bill, consisting overwhelmingly of waste and certain to drive up inflation still further, was flown to St Croix in the balmy Caribbean (today’s forecast: 85° and sunny), where the figurehead for the Democratic Party has been vacationing while his subjects have been suffering through record cold.

Jet flights emit massive levels of allegedly harmful CO2.

The Blaze hightlights the extravagant wastefulness that characterizes our rulers:

The Bidens departed Washington on Tuesday, and Congress delivered the bill to the White House for Biden’s signature on Wednesday. That means had Biden waited one more day before leaving, it would not have been necessary to transport the bill to the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Yet Biden was spewing this rhetoric just last month:

We see our mission to avert climate catastrophe and seize a new clean energy economy not only as an imperative for our present and future, but through the eyes of history.

The White House claims the document was delivered on a regularly scheduled commercial flight. Regardless, the optics underscore our rulers’ contempt for us and the arrogance of their demands that we sacrifice on behalf of their climate ideology.

The one consolation is that their fall, when it comes, will be hard.

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