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May 24 2021

Brooklyn Principal Urges Staff to Support Hamas

There is no moral nuance in the terror campaign Hamas recently inflicted on Israeli citizens. It would be hard to imagine a more straightforward confrontation between good and evil. The moonbats who run public schools in New York City can be expected to join many Democrats by siding with evil:

In an email sent amid the since-suspended fighting between Israel and Hamas terrorists, Principal Amanda Bueno told staffers at MS 136, “If you have been watching the news in absolute horror, you are not alone.”

“You can take action today by protesting, attending a vigil, making a public commitment to Palestinian Liberation, signing a petition, or calling your government officials to place sanctions on Isreal (sic),” she wrote Wednesday morning.

These days, you can’t expect educrats to be able to spell Israel.

“The time is now to take a stand for those impacted by state-sanctioned violence and crimes against the humanity of the most vulnerable in our world.”

The phrase “most vulnerable” presumably includes both Islamic terrorists and the Arab civilians they use as human shields. It does not include the Israeli civilians Hamas targeted for attack after it became apparent that the Biden Regime, like the Obama Regime before it, will side with the bad guys in the Middle East.

Bueno’s email included a list of links to leftist propaganda articles supporting Islamic terrorists, including one featuring rabidly anti-Israel Squad member Rashida Tlaib (D-MI).

(Inna) Vernikov, the Republican candidate running to succeed crooked ex-City Councilman Chaim Deutsch (D-Brooklyn) said she knew MS 136 teachers with “close family members who live in Israel.”

But she said the educators “are intimidated and afraid to speak out to counter such messages in fear of losing their jobs.”

That’s how things work where leftists have hegemony. Their Hamas allies run Gaza with the same degree of tolerance.

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