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May 19 2024

Bullying Crisis Among Astronomers and Geophysicists

No field of endeavor is safe from subversion by moonbattery. Refer to an on-the-level article from to see what the Royal Astronomical Society concerns itself with rather than attempting to unravel the mysteries of the universe:

A survey commissioned by the society showed that disabled people, women, Black and minority ethnic, and LGBTQ+ people are much more likely to be bullied and harassed than men and white, straight, and non-disabled people.

Capitalization of “Black” and “white” as in original.

When faced with a crisis of these proportions, the only sensible course of action is to panic:

50% of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and queer astronomers and geophysicists were bullied in the 24 months preceding the survey, and 12% of bisexual astronomers reported being bullied at least once a week.

What horrific forms of abuse were inflicted? Were their pigtails pulled? Was their lunch money stolen? Were they pushed down on the playground during recess and their faces washed with snow? No one knows…

…because those who took part in the survey were not asked the nature of the bullying and harassment they suffered.

It is safe to assume that the “bullying” consisted of “microaggressions.” These are imaginary slights members of favored identity groups are taught to perceive so as to exert power over disfavored groups.

Here’s how this ostensibly scientific organization managed to reach its asinine findings:

The RAS Committee on Diversity in Astronomy and Geophysics commissioned the survey, which was then carried out by the society’s education, outreach and diversity officer Dr. Sheila Kanani and then RAS diversity officer Dr. Aine O’Brien.

No doubt Drs. Kanani and O’Brien are well paid to discover the oppression of favored groups. They could even find microaggressions on Mars — except that would require looking to the stars, when they are more inclined to examine their own navels in search of racist lint.

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