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Jan 04 2024

California Schools Push Puberty Blockers

How warped would someone have to be to encourage children to embrace sexual psychosis and lobby their parents for pharmaceutical agents intended to prevent their normal development, setting them on track for lives ruined by teratism and severe psychiatric issues? Warped enough to be running California public schools:

Hayward Unified School District (HUSD), which is located in California’s Bay Area and serves over 19,000 students from preschool to high school, is directing students to watch films that promote transgenderism and highlight how treatments such as puberty blockers work.

One of the documents created by the district gives a guide to “LGBTQ Inclusive Films,” including one for those in 5th grade and up that aims to showcase “the diversity of experiences of gender” and centers around a 12-year-old girl who is “not sure if she wants to be a girl, a boy, or something in-between when she grows up.”

To suggest that she has a choice in the matter is equivalent to encouraging her to debate whether she wants to be a human or an aardvark — then egging her on to eat ants.

“To give her more time to decide, her doctor has put her on a medication that will suppress the hormones that are causing her body to change before she’s ready,” a synopsis of the film reads.

Ready or not, nothing anyone does will prevent her body from aging, as surely as nothing will make her into anything other than a girl. Depraved fiends who make Drs Mengele and Moreau look almost wholesome by comparison can prevent her from developing normally though.

In addition to children’s innocence and futures, HUSD attacks the family as part of the broader liberal indoctrination campaign:

The district’s “safe and inclusive” books program for elementary school students focuses on stories that “include a range of themes including different family structures like two moms or two dads” and “gender identity.”

Like heteronormativity, whiteness is frowned up:

A four-page document on “Inclusive, Anti-Biased, Anti-Racist, LGBTQIA+ Titles & Vendors” for K-12 students states that the district strives to be “actively anti-racist” by spending money at “BIPOC-owned, women-owned and LGBTQIA+-owned businesses.”

The document directs readers to LGBT book lists aimed at young children, ranging from “Rainbow Reads: LGBTQ+ Picture Books” to “Fantastic Bi- and Lesbian books by Black authors.”

No functioning society would tolerate sickos who push sexual depravity on children. But liberalism has rendered American society dysfunctional, so all bets are off.

What we tolerate, we will get ever more of. This means more groomers preying on children and more anti-white race hate:

HUSD pledged a whopping $40 million in 2021 to develop and implement an ethnic studies curriculum, and more recently agreed to spend over $90,000 on a “Liberated Ethnic Studies Curriculum” with an organization that openly embraces Critical Race Theory and hopes to develop students’ “critical consciousness” through “anti racist and decolonial pedagogy.”

The clear objective is to desecrate and destroy American civilization. We might as well let our ChiCom adversaries “educate” the next generation — as if they weren’t already doing that through TikTok.

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