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Jul 12 2023

California to Introduce Race-Based Sentencing

Our racially tiered justice system is becoming official. In California, white convicts will soon be sentenced to longer prison terms than blacks, entirely due to the racial favoritism of our moonbat rulers:

A Democrat-backed bill making its way through the California Legislature would require judges in the state to consider a convicted criminal’s race when determining how long to sentence them to prison.

Assembly Member Reggie Jones-Sawyer, the Democratic chair of the California Assembly’s Public Safety Committee, quietly introduced Bill 852 in February.

Despite equality before the law being a bedrock principle of American civilization, the outrageous legislation passed. The left-wing senate can be expected to move it along to the left-wing governor to sign it into law.

The bill would add a section to the Penal Code of California requiring courts, whenever they have the authority to determine a prison sentence, to “rectify” alleged racial bias in the criminal justice system by taking into account how historically persecuted minorities are affected differently than others.

In other words, less time for blacks, more time for whites, because liberals worship blacks and despise whites. There may have been similar laws for Aryans and Jews under the Third Reich.

What would have been called Apartheid in South Africa is known as “racial justice” in the USA, precisely because it is anything but just. To every injury liberals inflict on us, they feel compelled to add insult with a lie.

Criminals of Color have a friend in Reggie Jones-Sawyer.

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