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Aug 27 2022

Canadian Vet With PTSD Offered Assisted Suicide

One nice thing about Canada is that having succumbed to moonbattery more quickly than the USA, it provides a window into our future under liberal rule. This story indicates where healthcare and the treatment of veterans are headed:

A Canadian Forces veteran seeking treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder and a traumatic brain injury was shocked when he was unexpectedly and casually offered medical assistance in dying by a Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) employee…

The unnamed vet has been recovering from injuries and trauma received in the line of duty. Being told that he might want to just die was not helpful.

The department also did not answer Global News’ questions about how many times assisted dying has been offered to veterans through this particular VAC employee or others at Veterans Affairs, or what guidance employees have been given about providing such advice.

Assisted suicide is the closest thing to medical innovation you can expect under socialism. Its purpose is to make free healthcare affordable.

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