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Feb 26 2023

Charter Schools Provide Better Education for Less Money

When Democrats pander to the pernicious unions that bankroll them by attacking school choice, it is at the expense of both children and taxpayers. Consider New York City:

The charters’ mostly minority student population bested its public school counterpart by up to 8% on both state math and reading tests in the 2021-21 school year, show statistics compiled by New York City Charter Center.

And the impressive results come courtesy of a relative shoestring budget, with city charters spending just $17,626 per student compared to the $35,941 spent on each public student, according to the center and Citizens Budget Commission.

The blacks Democrats exploit while pretending to champion benefit the most from charter schools:

Black charter-school students bested their public-school counterparts in [English Language Arts] by proficiency rates of 55% to 36% and in math by 46% to 21%.

Charter schools provide better education for less money. But rather than save taxpayers a buck and give kids a chance to succeed, most Democrats prefer to impose the mess they have made in Chicago:

In 30 Chicago public schools, not a single student can read at grade level. In total, just 20 percent of 3rd through 8th graders in the Windy City are proficient in reading and only 15 percent are proficient in math.

It isn’t because the Democrats who control everything there aren’t spending enough:

When all local, state and federal dollars are added up, Chicago’s per student outlay is now $29,207.

Nor is it because Chicago does not shovel enough taxpayer money at teachers:

[A] starting teacher makes $64,000 a year and can earn up to $122,000 per annum—not including pension and healthcare perks.

Teachers unions have so much sway in the Biden Regime, they dictate Covid policy to the CDC. But this isn’t only about unions. The more uninformed you have to be to vote Democrat, the more interest Democrats have in keeping the population clueless. That makes them want to prop up both the liberal media establishment and failed public schools.

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