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Nov 12 2021

Chicago COPA Suspends Slain Policewoman Ella French

Since long before Black Lives Matter rioters became celebrated heroes of the liberal establishment, oversight boards comprised of leftists have been used to hamstring and persecute local police. To get an idea of the vicious vindictiveness of these boards, consider the case of Ella French:

Chicago’s Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA) has issued a report on a 2019 raid on the wrong home and recommended punishment for some officers involved. During the raid, a woman who lived at the home was reportedly forced to stand naked in the room as officers searched.

The homeowner in the botched raid is racially correct, so heads must roll.

COPA’s report recommends suspending slain officer Ella French for three days. French was murdered in August during a traffic stop.

Civilization is endlessly at war with those who would drag us back down into jungle. The leftists who wield weapons like COPA have made it clear which side they are on.

According to the COPA report, here’s why French must be posthumously punished:

“Officer French failed to timely activate her body-worn camera and failed to document the detention and search of the male and his vehicle in an Investigatory ‘Stop Report.’”

Why should leftists have any respect for the dead? An ideology that worships contrived victimhood does not allow for the concept of respect.

COPA says it made its report back in April, before French had been killed by the scumbags she devoted her life to protecting us against. It would have been against procedures to revise the report in light of her death.

Fine, then don’t revise it. Tear it up and throw it in the garbage. But no, they would rather nail it to her coffin.

If only this lunacy were limited to Lori Lightweight’s Chicago. Unfortunately, the weaponization of leftist ideology against local police is endemic throughout the country, and has been embraced by the Democratic Party. Cops are subjected to restorative justice indoctrination programs, during which they are expected to bob their heads obediently as they are told that their profession was created to hunt down escaped slaves and is inherently racist and evil.

How police officers maintain the morale needed to put their lives on the line for us is a mystery. They must be sustained by the hope that we will pass through this age of moonbattery and become Americans again.

RIP Ella French.

Local media’s take on the story.


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