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Sep 11 2021

China Declares War on Simps

The ChiComs now have the world’s largest navy. But that isn’t the main reason they are likely to win the war America’s self-inflicted weakness is making inevitable. They have more potent weapons, like TikTok.

As Paul Joseph Watson illustrates, our society and culture are…

…controlled by a pathological, parasitic, progressive oligarchy, a cult of evil that brazenly floods the consciousness of young men with a steady diet of emasculating degeneracy — a process that demoralizes, atomizes, and crumbles from beneath them the traditional pillars of masculinity: family, faith, patriotism, self-respect, and stoicism. While heterophobic, anti-male, anti-white wokism is being enthroned and sanctified as the official state ideology of the West, China’s taking a different path.

Joe Biden and Xi Jinping are both tyrants. The main difference is that Xi means his country well.

Social engineers in the West use authoritarianism to corrupt with moonbattery. Social engineers behind the Bamboo Curtain use authoritarianism to crush that debilitating cancer out of existence.

As a rule, the culture wins that deserves to win. That principle used to work in America’s favor. But this didn’t used to be the sort of society that would turn over power to people like Biden.

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