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Oct 02 2020

Chris Wallace, John Roberts Beclown Themselves at Fox News

Instead of moderating a substantive debate on Tuesday, Chris Wallace baited Trump and squabbled with him, blatantly siding with one candidate against the other. Yet we read that the debate debacle was all Trump’s fault:

Wallace responded to criticism Thursday over his moderating of the chaotic first debate … saying that Trump ruined his plans for a “substantive” discussion.

Refraining from repeated demands for Trump to yet again denounce the liberal bugaboo “white supremacism” might have helped. So might have insisting that Biden answer serious questions like whether he intends to subvert our system of government by packing the Supreme Court.

Wallace actually praised himself while blaming Trump for his pratfall as a moderator:

“I felt like I had gotten together all of the ingredients, I had baked this beautiful, delicious cake, and then, frankly, the president put his foot in it.”

A more apt metaphor would be a beautiful, delicious pie that Wallace baked and then smashed into his own face.

Speaking of liberal propagandists employed by Fox News, yesterday John Roberts pulled the same stunt as Wallace, repeatedly demanding that Trump denounce white supremacism and refusing to take yes for an answer.

Kayleigh McEnany needs the patience of a saint to deal with these people:

As with Wallace, Roberts didn’t like it when people criticized his lack of professionalism:

Roberts’ own wife, also a reporter, had reported the day before that yes, Trump has denounced white supremacists.

What exactly moonbats mean by “white supremacy” is unclear. The KKK has not been out there lynching people and burning crosses for some time. Either the issue has been fabricated out of thin air to deflect from Black Lives Matter violence, or any resistance to the liberal agenda is “white supremacy.”

If FNC could lose Shepard Smith, maybe it can lose Wallace and Roberts too. Viewers would be appreciative.

On tips from Mr. Freemarket and KirklesWorth. Hat tip: Legal Insurrection.


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