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Feb 18 2024

Christian Gospel as Hate Crime in UK

As Britain collapses into moonbattery, Christianity is becoming illegal:

A video has gone viral in which a Metropolitan Police officer is seen threatening to arrest a street preacher after someone accused him and other preachers of a hate crime.

The “hate crime” apparently consisted of preaching the gospel.

During the confrontation, which was filmed outside the Pavilions shopping centre on Uxbridge High Street in west London, an officer insists that he needs the preacher’s name and address for allegations of a hate crime, specifically homophobic behaviour and racism.

What this has to do with racism is anyone’s guess, but certainly Christianity is “homophobic” in that like the other Abrahamic religions it strictly forbids the homosexual behavior social engineers so relentlessly promote.

This probably explains liberal devotion to the revolting LGBT agenda. It is a means of ideologically criminalizing Christianity, which has traditionally served as a brake on tyranny by reminding people that there is a higher authority than the government.

Make sure you have a physical copy of the Bible and a secure place to hide it.

A 10-minute version of the video can be found here.

On a tip from Lyle.


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