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Jun 21 2023

Christian Schools Subverted

The way to set back Christianity is not to board up churches and throw priests into gulags like Joseph Stalin. An insidious approach has proven more effective. You have to infiltrate and subvert, as leftists have done with so many other institutions. This approach destroys Christian morale by convincing them that their churches are not worth attending. As the churches wither and die, they can be exploited to advance an anti-Christian agenda. This strategy applies also to ostensibly Christian universities.

For example:

Texas Christian University offered a “Queer Art of Drag” course for the spring 2023 semester that required students create “drag personas” and give a performance.

The course was offered by the school’s Women and Gender Studies department and was taught by Dr. Nino Testa, also known by his drag persona “Maria Von Clapp.”

“Clapp” may refer to the venereal diseases that spread like wildfire through the homosexual community.

According to the course website:

“Critical drag explores drag performance as an outlet for social critique, pedagogy, and queer world making.”

How do educrats at Christian schools react to those who do not share their commitment to “queer world making”? Promise Keepers found out:

Belmont University, a private Christian college in Nashville, Tennessee, announced last week it had canceled a scheduled event with Promise Keepers citing a conflict of values.

Promise Keepers, a noted Christian men’s ministry, said in a press release the event’s cancellation occurred after the ministry released a statement at the end of last month, reaffirming its support for biblical marriage between one man and one woman and what it perceives to be the dangers of gender ideology.

“We will not stand on the sidelines and remain quiet. As fathers, husbands, grandfathers, and young men—we see the dangers of gender ideology and the harm it causes,” the organization’s statement said. “At Promise Keepers, we believe it is more important than ever to stand up boldly for what we believe as Christians. God’s Word is very clear on this topic—and we also see the way gender ideology has damaged lives, mutilated bodies, and torn apart families in our own communities.”

Liberals can’t argue with that and still pretend to be Christian. So they deplatform.

Free speech fares about as well as Christianity on college campuses.

Promise Keepers CEO Ken Harrison was specifically told that the muzzling was in response to “the statement we put out a week before Pride week.”

Wonders Harrison,

“The state of Christian colleges today is really concerning and people need to know this, that Belmont is by no way unique in this way. If you go on their homepage it is all Christian this and Christian that and training people for Christ. What does that mean when you deny the basic tenets of scripture?”

It means these schools have been commandeered and are now the opposite of Christian.

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