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Aug 19 2023

Christianity Today Denounces Oliver Anthony

There is an easy way to determine whether a publication is for real or a mouthpiece for the liberal establishment. See what it has to say about Oliver Anthony. Rolling Stone and National Review tip their hands by putting him down. Christianity Today vilifies Oliver Anthony for failing to worship the welfare state — the day after praising the tawdry moonbat goddesses presented to us by the entertainment industry.

Compare these titles:

Revere vapid moonbat pop stars and lap up the idiotic leftist sludge oozing out of Tinseltown. Shun Oliver Anthony. Otherwise you ain’t Christian, as Joe Biden might put it.

The money-changers have taken over the temple. Joel Abbott isn’t liking it:

Christianity Today wants you to know that Taylor Swift – the avatar of the sexually liberated, unmarried, childless modern woman – and the “Barbie” film, with its direct feminist messages of women freeing themselves from the Patriarchy, are “bringing us together.” …

[T]he flagship Christian publication of the Western world (called “Christendom” in olden times) is out here stumping for vain, prideful women who have made sex and beauty their gods and have in turn become godlike symbols for millions of women seeking their own “liberated” selves.

“Liberation” in this sense is a synonym for “shallow self-indulgence.”

Anthony credits God for his success, kicked off his first public performance since his discovery by reading Psalm 37, and rejects greed and egomaniacal narcissism in favor of the humility that makes genuine Christians so much more fun to be around than moonbats.

In contrast, nothing could be less Christian than the liberal establishment, including ostensibly Christian institutions that have been subverted to serve moonbattery.

Real people have reacted differently. That’s why “Rich Men North of Richmond” now tops the iTunes global charts.

Sometimes it feels like you’re living in the aftermath of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and everyone out there is a soulless pod person. But it isn’t true. Here’s how you know:


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