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Mar 04 2023

Chuck Schumer Calls for Federal Control of Fox News

Even Chuck Schumer has a redeeming quality. He performs a public service by being so conspicuously malevolent that no one can pretend they don’t know what they are voting for when they vote for Democrats. Similarly, CNN has the redeeming quality that it eliminates any temptation to take the “mainstream” liberal establishment media at face value. The following exchange sums up both.

CNN apparatchik: “Fox needs to reckon with the lies it has spread. … But is it the role of government officials to demand that media organizations say things or tell media organizations what to put on their airwaves?”

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY): “I think we not only have a right to tell Rupert Murdoch and Fox what to do but an obligation.”

They aren’t beating around the bush anymore. The Democratic Party/MSM axis of evil is openly working toward an anti-America in which the media can only say what it is told to say in the name of “our democracy”:

Again we are reminded that the phrase “our democracy” means nothing other than single-party Democrat rule. Auxiliary organizations like CNN are eager to impose it by any means necessary.

If CNN were in the journalism business, it would have a critical interest in defending free speech from government control. Clearly it is in a very different business.

That these creeps regard it as threatening is a ringing endorsement of Fox News. So long as Tucker Carlson is on the air rather than in an FBI interrogation room having his fingernails removed, Democrats haven’t won yet.

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