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Mar 26 2023

Church of Sweden No Longer Christian

Much of the land currently occupied by Islamic regimes was Christian before it fell by military conquest over the course of centuries. The Muslim campaign to extirpate Christian civilization and replace it with something very different finally stalled at the gates of Vienna in 1683. Thanks to moonbattery, it has been able to resume. Conquest by mass immigration (a.k.a. hijra) will soon absorb a submissive Sweden into Dar al-Islam.

From Samnytt, via Jihad Watch:

Outgoing Archbishop Antje Jackelén received harsh criticism for her religious relativist stance, not least in relation to the controversial religious ideology of Islam. She adopted the Swedish variant of “Allahu akbar” as her language of choice and said she could not put the peaceful healer Jesus before the warrior and mass murderer Muhammad as a prophet. Now Jackelen’s successor goes a step further and welcomes all Muslims to the Church of Sweden.

That explains how Center Party leader Muharrem Demirok can declare that he is a Muslim — and also a member of the Church of Sweden.

In the Church of Sweden, under the leadership of Archbishop Martin Modéus, “you define what you believe in based on your own terms.” According to Modéus, the fact that the Church of Sweden receives a diversity of non-Christian beliefs “is an asset.”

You think Christian churches should be Christian? What’s the matter, you don’t like diversity?

Joseph Stalin, like the leftist maniacs who came to power during the French Revolution, tried to eradicate Christianity by killing priests. Modern liberals have found a more effective method: hollow out churches and leave nothing inside but the nihilistic emptiness that is wokeism.

Nature abhors a vacuum; in Europe, it will be filled by Islam.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.


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