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Aug 21 2022

Climate Change Blamed for Muslims Killing Christians

Monomaniacal moonbats will blame anything on climate change — even the Muslim genocide of Christians taking place in Nigeria:

On Pentecost Sunday, June 5, 2022, Muslims massacred some 50 Christians inside a Nigerian church (see here for several other examples of Muslims massacring Christians worshipping inside their Nigerian churches). Two days later, the president of Ireland, Michael Higgins, issued a statement on the incident.

In it, he links the Nigerian church massacre to “climate change”: three of the statement’s four paragraphs deal with global warming; nowhere does the statement acknowledge, much less condemn, Islamic radicalization and terrorism in the region—even though that is precisely what led to the Pentecost Sunday church massacre.

Higgins piously denounces the scapegoating of Muslim jihadists, who are the true victims, because global warming.

Since 2009, over 60,000 Christians have been murdered or abducted and about 20,000 churches and Christian schools set on fire by Muslims in Nigeria.

Since everyone is black there, the root cause cannot be racism; ergo, it must be the nonexistent global warming crisis.

Stand by for another Democrat spending blowout to set matters right.

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