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Aug 14 2022

Climate Change Causes Megafloods, Fat Kids, and More

The global warming hoax is like Covid hysteria only better, because unlike a virus, it never has to end. So long as there is weather, authoritarians will be able to exploit it as evidence that the climate is changing and must be stopped through government action. It is not relevant that the climate has always changed and always will, or that Big Government cannot control it, so long as the public is kept in a constant state of irrational panic with fake news like this:

Climate change is increasing the risk of floods that could submerge cities and displace millions of people across the state, according to a study released Friday.

Terror of flooding is especially appropriate in drought-prone California.

[The study] says that an extreme monthlong storm could bring feet of rain – in some places, more than 100 inches – to hundreds of miles of California.

“Could” is the operative word in liberal media stories about the weather. They report not what is happening, but what theoretically might happen if we don’t whimper in fear as we hand over our money and freedom.

[E]ach degree of global warming is dramatically increasing the odds and size of the next megaflood, the study says.

In other dramatic news, children are 30% less physically fit than their parents were at the same age. Is this because their parents won’t let them play outside, Democrats’ war on local police having rendered the streets unsafe? Is it because Covid hysteria kept kids pointlessly cooped up at home for years? Is it because, due to cultural decay, kids sit gaping at video games, Netflix, or even pornography rather than engage in physical activity? According to CBS, the last one is admittedly a factor, but the main reason is climate change:

Tony Heller demonstrates how easy it is to find these guffaw-worthy specimens of fake news on the topic of the supposedly problematic climate:

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