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Nov 09 2022

Climate Justice Ten Commandments

Climate hysteria is not just a political ideology; it is a religion, intended to replace Christianity but based upon primitive religions of the ancient weather-worshiping past. Our new priesthood has confirmed this by gathering in Sinai to receive the Climate Justice Ten Commandments:

Some 40,000 attendees have flocked to the Sinai Desert including over 100 world leaders as well as leaders in business and other sectors. Christian, Muslim, Jewish, and other religious figures will participate in a UN conference on climate change that is taking place this week and next. In conjunction with the UN event, a group of faith leaders is taking an alternative approach, seeking a faith-based solution to the ecological crisis by promoting the “Ten Principles for Climate Justice” in a global initiative.

This initiative is the handiwork of the Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development, the apparent purpose of which is to subordinate other religions to the climate cult of our ruling class.

According to the Interfaith Center, the location of COP27 is especially meaningful because the Sinai Desert is “a place of revelation in the collective consciousness of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and others. It is a site for turning to God and receiving God’s message,” as they explained in a press release.

On Sunday, the organization will hold a “Climate Repentance Ceremonies” and “put forth a prophetic interreligious call to action.”

They literally worship their malevolent belief that humanity is bad because it offends the climate.

The partnering organizations initially intended to hold the Climate Repentance Ceremony and Ten Commandments events at Jebel Musa in the southern Sinai Peninsula. The area is traditionally believed to be the location of the biblical Mount Sinai, a site of great significance in the Bible and considered holy to Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Unfortunately, the Egyptian government chose not to permit the main interfaith event to be held at Jabal Musa due to security concerns so the central venue for Sunday’s events was changed to London, a location that was readily accessible to faith leaders around the world and is a major media hub, as well as other locations. A small group of faith leaders will be allowed to ascend Jabal Mus and hold a repentance ceremony as originally planned.

It would be nice to think not only security concerns but also blasphemy concerns played into Egypt’s decision.

Other “faith-based events” centered on worshiping the weather will be held throughout the world. Local houses of worship are encouraged to join in on Sunday with prayers devoted to this “transformative moment to protect our environment.”

Check out the COP27 logo:


The logo depicts the (African) sun above and embracing the ancient Egyptian Aten’s sun (below), and impliedly giving a rise to a new horizon.

The Aten was the disc of the sun and originally an aspect of Ra, the sun god in traditional ancient Egyptian religion.

Aten, also spelled Aton, in ancient Egyptian religion, a sun god, depicted as the solar disk emitting rays terminating in human hands, whose worship briefly was the state religion.

If leftism prevails, it will represent the state religion once again, this time on a global basis.

Religious trappings have not distracted Paul Joseph Watson from the hypocrisy that characterizes the COP27 spectacle, the lust for power and other people’s money that drives climate ideology, and the fact that global warming doomsayers are always wrong:

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