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Jun 27 2023

Climate Police Crack Down on New York City Pizza

There is nothing that envirofascists will not take away from us in the name of the global warming hoax — not even New York City pizza:

The city Department of Environmental Protection has drafted insane new rules that could force pizza joints using wood- and coal-fired ovens — the only way to really cook a pie — to slash emissions by up to 75%.

Hitting the target would require installation of a pricey filtration system on older ovens, slamming mostly older, classic spots like Lombardi’s in Little Italy and Brooklyn-based icon Grimaldi’s.

Not all businesses can afford pricey filtration systems, the only point of which would be to demonstrate submission to leftist authorities by ruining the taste of the pizza. But as Shrillary famously told us, “undercapitalized” businesses that are forced into bankruptcy by their tyrannical policies are no concern of Democrats.

As one outraged customer told The Post: “I’m all for responsible environmental practice, but tell Al Gore to take one less private jet or something.”

Fat chance. The imaginary climate crisis calls for sacrifice by regular Americans, not the woke ruling class.

Those regular Americans are still out there, even in liberal New York. Here’s one who deserves a tip of the hat:

Pushback will become more widespread when the Climate Police inevitably come for beer. Moonbats will be firmly informed that there is nothing wrong with the weather and they couldn’t change it even if there were.

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