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Nov 15 2023

Cloward–Piven and the Open Border

The Cloward–Piven strategy assumes communism can be imposed on the USA via the welfare state. Sociologists Richard Andrew Cloward and his wife Frances Fox Piven believed that if everyone qualified collected the maximum amount of welfare benefits, the cost would be so massive that it would collapse the economy. Out of the ruins, a new Soviet Union could be imposed, given that we have been conditioned to turn to the source of our problems (i.e., Big Government) for help when these problems get out of control.

The strategy has been working, as the unsustainable national debt confirms. But Democrats are impatient. So Biden’s puppeteers used the border to throw Cloward–Piven into overdrive:

The excuse that migrants came here to work and contribute to our society does not match the statistics. As the NY Post recently reported, only 2% of 139,500 migrants in New York have applied for work permits, and thousands more are on their way to our cities to live off the welfare state.

New York received an influx of 2,800 additional people last week alone. There are 65,500 people living in shelters throughout the city at the expense of the taxpayer, and the mayor believes the city will spend of $2 billion this year on funding.

Welfare payments to foreign invaders are more generous than the Social Security payments we receive after involuntarily paying into the pyramid scheme our whole lives, confirming that the federal government is not our friend.

The average retiree is expected to live on $1,555 per month, which is not enough to live in any US city.

Meanwhile, migrants are receiving a one-time payment of $2,275 and at least $1,225 per month which is more than they likely ever earned from their country of origin. Their room and board is on the taxpayers’ tab and there is no urgency for these people to enter the workforce. In fact, it seems as if they are encouraged to continue milking the welfare system to become utterly dependent on the state.

Of course. That is precisely what Democrats import them for.

Opening the border and providing logistic support for the ensuing largest invasion in human history constitute treason. The migrants are in effect enemy troops brought in to occupy the country. The more seemingly helpless, the more effective they are in this new form of warfare.

The nuclear arsenal that the USA amassed to prevent communism from being imposed from abroad is useless now that the threat originates from within. Democrats are overthrowing our system of government and systematically destroying the American nation.

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