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Feb 06 2024

CNN Staffers Gripe About Pro-Israel Coverage

As we learned from the BBC, the adage “personnel is policy” applies to the media as well as government bureaucracy. Consider also CNN:

CNN is facing a backlash from its own staff over editorial policies they say have led to a regurgitation of Israeli propaganda and the censoring of Palestinian perspectives in the network’s coverage of the war in Gaza.

From the viewpoint of these professional propagandists, failing not to support Hamas in its terror war against Israel constitutes “propaganda.” In contrast, shifting the focus to cover for raping women and butchering children would comply with their notion of objective reporting.

CNN journalists say the tone of coverage is set at the top by its new editor-in-chief and CEO, Mark Thompson, who took up his post two days after the 7 October Hamas attack.

Thompson used to be director general at the left-wing BBC. But he isn’t radical enough to suit CNN staffers, who gripe about the “focus on Israeli suffering and the Israeli narrative of the war as a hunt for Hamas and its tunnels,” when they would rather report on how the keffiyeh crowd is put upon.

One journalist described a “schism” within the network over coverage they said was at times reminiscent of the cheerleading that followed 9/11.

You wouldn’t side with the USA against al Qaeda after 9/11, would you? Then why side with Israel against Hamas after 10/7?

It would be difficult to overstate how malevolent liberal journalists are.

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