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Apr 28 2023

Community Notes to the Rescue

Lest you take seriously anything liberals tell you about guns:

Let’s hope Catherine Herridge appreciates the education provided by a Twitter reader who added this context to her misleading tweet:

The “guns” shown in the video have orange tips to mark them as toys.

These clueless weenies together with more formal members of the Democratic Party apparatus think they should decide which guns the Constitution meant for you to have.

No doubt the “racist” comments were every bit as scary as the gun collection.

Too bad for Jack Teixeira he didn’t leak the docs during the Vietnam War. The media would be fêting him.

Congrats, CBS News. You have topped the tweet on rubber bullets used to oppress mostly peaceful Ferguson rioters:

Don’t be too hard on Ryan J. Reilly, currently of NBC News. Liberal elitists avoid guns and manual labor, so how would a journalist know what earplugs are?

On a tip from Occam’s Stubble.


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